BSE 30: The Districts, Whitehorse, Smidley, Jlin and Many More

The One With Luke’s Birthday

On this episode: Brian begins the episode by giving heartfelt words to celebrate Luke’s birthday, the dear cousins talk about Ludacris and Fear Factor, Luke won’t stop talking about animals, Brian provides four topics of conversation that Luke loves for birthday presents, we name the Nashville Predators the official hockey team of the Best Song Ever Podcast, they talk about mental health, Brian reads a press release from the White House and tells a joke that he authored himself, they almost get into Thor talk but instead talk about Organic Loki,  and so much more all while playing eight of the best songs you’ll hear all week!
Every week Ghettoblaster feature writers (and dear cousins!) Brian LaBenne and Luke LaBenne bring you fresh new songs with the hopes of introducing you to some that you may consider to be the best song ever.  Both Brian and Luke have no idea what songs the other has picked, so what you are hearing is their genuine reaction to listening to the songs together.  Also, if you enjoy this episode, head to ITunes to subscribe and rate our podcast with the highest rating available to you.


Songs Played on The One With Luke’s Birthday

Whitehorse – Nighthawks from Panther in the Dollhouse out August 4th on Six Shooter Records

The Districts – If Before I Wake from Popular Manipulations out August 11th on Fat Possum

Cristobal and the Sea – Goat Flokk from Exotica out September 22nd on City Slang
David Nance – Negative Boogie from Negative Boogie out July 14th on Ba Da Bing Records
Loved Ones – Without Face from Harness out now on Blood Records
Jlin – Challenge (To Be Continued) from Black Origami out now on Planet Mu
Smidley – Dead Retrievers from Smidley out June 2nd on Triple Crown Records
Kite Base – Transition from Latent Whispers out now on little something