Brutal Tech Death Widow's Peak Share's New Video "CBT"

While many metal bands find inspiration from supernatural sources, myths, and legends, WIDOW’S PEAK find influence from true-life horror, from the depths of cruelty, terror and pain that man(un)kind so readily descends to. WIDOW’S PEAK is an aural catalog of carnage, a metallic mausoleum of pain, a sonic symphony of suffering. Their music does not reach for the stars, but rather for the cold void that surrounds them, the darkness that lives in the soul of man.Make no mistake; WIDOW’S PEAK’s ferocity is the music of the spears, metal dripping with blood, bile and venom! The track is off Graceless, due out April 27, 2018 with pre-order available on the Bandcamp.
Of the video, the band comments:
“CBT (which stands for Cock and Ball Torture) is about as gruesome as it gets, lyrically. It revolves around the fetish some men have for genital mutilation and the people who indulge them in it. The writing process for the song involved intensive research (including graphic videos) about not only the fetish, but the anatomy of the male genitals and various methods of genital mutilation. The lyrics aim to instill the disgust one might experience if they, too, watched someone cut out their own testicles on camera.”