Brother JT Shares New Video For "Baked Alaska"

Following the release of his mind-palace of an album Tornado Juice, the incomparable Brother JT has been busy cooking his video for the single “Baked Alaska.” On the song, and his album title, JT states: “It’s about drugs.” And that is evident.
Tornado Juice was recorded at Magic Door, a new studio in Montclair NJ, by Ray Ketchem, who produced JT’s former project the Original Sins’ Bethlehem album in 1996. This was a departure for the Brother, who hadn’t darkened the door of a real studio for 10 years, preferring the freedom of recording at his band’s practice space and overdubbing at home. True to form, however, JT took the files home to layer and tinker to his heart’s content. “I wouldn’t want to put anyone through that kind of obsessiveness, much less a friend. And I wanted to put my little stamp of grime on it.”