Blueprint Shares New Video "Hoop Dreams feat. Has-Lo"

Blueprint returns with the new self-directed video “Hoop Dreamin’ feat. Has-Lo” as a precursor to his new album Two-Headed Monster (Weightless). The track also features rapper Has-Lo whose visualistic rhyming method ‘Print has always been a fan of. The single is obviously a nod to the documentary film of the same name, which followed the struggle of kids in Chicago trying to make it with their ball playing skills.  The new album drops May 22, 2018.

01 Cleansing Process
02 Set it Off
03 Be Like Water
04 A Hero Dies Once
05 Don’t Look Back
06 Night Writers – featuring Slug and Wordsworth
07 Masterpiece
08 Health Is Wealth – featuring Supastition and Mr. Lif
09 Two Headed Monster
10 Pump-Faking
11 Good Guys Get Ignored
12 All Shock, No Value – featuring Aceyalone
13 Hoop Dreamin – featuring Has-Lo
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