Bishop Nehru Shares Video "Me & My Thoughts"

Bishop drops his My Disregarded Thoughts on November 8. Recorded and engineered in DJ Premier’s studio in Queens, with production from Premier, MF DOOM and Bishop himself, the album is grounded in trap-leaning bombast, orchestral diversions, astral jazz, spaced-out funk and the sample-heavy beats of Dilla and Madib.

Today, Bishop debuts the introspective video for “Me & My Thoughts.”

“‘Me & My Thoughts’ is probably in all actuality the most colorful feeling song on the album,” says Bishop. “There’s isn’t much for me to say about it, to be honest as I feel the title is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a song about Me… &… My thoughts haha. Confidence in your own abilities is key and understanding YOUR mind and what YOU want for YOURSELF are key. You’ll hear what I mean when I say This is probably the most colorful feeling song on the album when you listen to the album as a whole and this track pops up.”