Belle Game Share Video For “Low”

Deep inside most individuals is the yearning to experience the highest form of intimacy. However, there’s times when that familiarity can be cold and unwelcoming. In Belle Game’s Kevan Funk directed video “Low”, the sterilization of intimacy is in full display with the large factory production of sex dolls.
To better understand the video and song, here’s the band comments behind “Low”:
“‘Low’ is about the empty feeling I had when continually fucking people because I felt it was my role to be of service to them. The neglect of my own humanity served my deeper desire of being accepted. For this, it was necessary to dress up feelings of ugliness with overcompensated feelings of “love” and higher purpose. Kevan Funk has given the narrative visual representation through capturing the disconnect, coldness, and tenderness found in objects that offer acceptance and connection in place of true company. These objects can be toxic, but they reflect our most human needs. They provide comfort, they fulfill desires, and they speak to a fundamental yearning for intimacy. They are honest, and in that sense, they are beautiful.”
Weaving ethereal soundscapes into explosive crush-pop backdrops, Belle Game have been making music that looks to allow listeners to reach their highest points of freedom of emotion. The band’s September 2017 release Fear/Nothing has been labeled their most ambitious work to date.
WARNING: Some of the visuals within the “Low” video is graphic and NSFW.