BEATEN BY THEM – Video Contest

Your mission – should you decide to accept it – is to make a video for a track from Beaten By Them’s latest album, “Invisible Origins”. You could win yourself $800, and will also have a crack at the $1000 People’s Choice Award.
The contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. Assuming you have a computer and a video camera – or can borrow or steal them – all you need is some creativity and enthusiasm. You could even make a video using just found footage. We will be drawn to entries where there is an obvious synergy between our sound and your images.
The best entry, as judged by Beaten by Them, will win a USD $800 prize and become the official BBT video. Your work will receive exposure on various online outlets through publicity firm Riot Act Media.
Over the course of 2011 there will be three contests, and all the videos entered will be eligible for the People’s Choice Award which we are announcing at the end of the year. The most popular entry overall, as voted by visitors to the site, will receive a USD $1000 prize.
This is the track:

This is the LINK
This track needs a dope video, get on it suckas!!!