Aquabear Legion Prepping To Release All Ohio Compilation

Athens, Ohio-based collective Aquabear Legion are planning to release a double LP vinyl compilation featuring twenty-three of Ohio’s finest bands.  The vinyl compilation will also have original artwork from Athens’ own Tracy Duncan.  To help get the project funded, the music + art website are in the midst of their latest Indiegogo campaign.
Since their inception in 2004, Aquabear has produced over eleven releases – both physical and for free on their website – that included compilations from all around the state of Ohio.  A total of two hundred bands, dozens of visual artists, filmmakers have all been spotlighted.  In 2015, the group released their first vinyl project, titled Volume 5.  The double LP was successful funded through a pre-order and an Indiegogo campaign.
According the Aquabear, they plan to continue releasing compilations; a mix of archived music along with new stuff will be presented.  Aquabear is even considering doing a 7” series.
Aquabear Legion’s Volume 6 will be featuring:  Bloody Show, Bridesmaid, Day Creeper, Extra Medium Pony, Andy Gabbard, Hadak Ura, Brian Harnetty, SW Hedrick, Hex Net, Caitlin Kraus, Leggy, Mary Lynn, Natural Sway, Palestras, Adam Remnant, R. Ring, The Safeties, Smug Brothers, Swarming Branch, Talons’, Vacation, The Village Bicycle, and Water Witches.  There will also be a few additions throughout the campaign.
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