Andrew W.K., Northside Tavern, Cincinnati, Ohio, September 21, 2013

By Carly Lindstrom and Evan Davell
“This is not a concert! This is a party!” This is what an already very wet Andrew W.K. started off the night with and instilled in us all at Northside Tavern on Saturday night. Discovering on accident that he was not only coming close to Dayton, but also playing in a small venue at Northside Tavern was a no-brainer in terms of making the short trek from Dayton. And of course, discovering that our own local party king, The Nightbeast was opening up for him totally made it worth the drive to support and bring the party from the Gem City. And Night beast provided a n exuberant warm up, making sure we were all stretched and pumped for what was about to happen.
Andrew W.K. is currently touring solo, no band, but brought one fellow party bud along to chant, run in place and throw out local doughnuts to our 200+ crowd. “My hands smell like doughnuts!” he screamed with pure joy making everyone cheer and celebrate because we all know, doughnuts are something we should seriously get excited about.
The man easily created a giant jumping party pit for friends and strangers and he filled the room with pure energy and positivity in its simplest, finest form. It’s human nature to follow the leader and if you believe in his message its very simple: it’s time to party.
Opening his award-winning downtown New York City music venue and nightclub called, Santos Party in 2008, beginning his own record label, SKYSCRAPER MUSIC MAKER as well as taking on the project of filming Cartoon Network’s hit live-action TV show, “Destroy Build Destroy” in 2009, music is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what W.K. has in store for us all. And, the man broke the world record for the longest drumming session just three months ago.
The world’s greatest and most memorable experiences are also sometimes the most simplistic. This concert was a reminder to be free, be yourself, and oh yeah, proof that major chords (even on a keyboard) can be metal.