Ace Cosgrove shares brand-new video

The brand-new video from Ace Cosgrove comes from the Maryland rappers latest project Baby Need Food. The video showcases the world in which many of us struggle to be the best that we can and with the resources we have at our disposal. The good-natured Ace Cosgrove wants the world to see that it’s alright and we can work through this all together – we all have struggles.
Ace Cosgrove said, “This video is the lead single off my latest project Baby Need Food which is produced by Robbie Anthem whom I met off In the video I showcase the struggle of juggling responsibilities, taking care of a child, and building a music career. While shooting the video I noticed how hard taking on responsibilities while following dreams can be, from feeding the child to putting child’s clothes on can seem easy, but this isn’t always the case. With every song off the Baby Need Food project I want the listener to feel a sense of urgency, to have to hustle harder than the next person to provide for his or her family. Regardless of what dreams the listener is chasing and what obstacles may stand in the way, I try to create music that drives the listener to overcome anything that happens in life.”
You can view the video here: