A Little Piece of Bones & Beeker

Wax Poetics Records, the same brand responsible for the esteemed quarterly print journal of music have been building their own catalog of gems that will be looked upon as timeless. Add to that the self titled debut album by Bones & Beeker. Hailing out of Minneapolis, Anthony Newes (vocals, guitar, keys, and other sounds) and Brendan Kelly (production, drum programming, keys, glockenspiel, kalimba) have put together an album free of any distractions as it whimsically takes you to what may be a familiar places.  The two with their own accolades in music showcase what a certain kind of chemistry can do for music.  With that said, check out what B&B had to share in this GB exclusive…

First, thank you for taking time do this – really enjoy the album as it feels like a breath of fresh air in what nowadays sounds like a humdrum soundscape in music, so thank you for that! Can you give us a little background on the album? What inspired it?

Anthony – This album was never meant to be an album.  It started with two co-workers talking music for several years in the basement of a group home where we served adults with disabilities.  When our respective projects fizzled out or ended, we decided to collaborate for the fun of it.  No touring, no live shows, no performing at all, only writing.  That was the goal.  The inspiration comes from a lot of different places I think, but ultimately, we really wanted to push ourselves into new territory.  And truthfully, our vastly different backgrounds forced vulnerability upon us.  In many ways, this vulnerability was our greatest inspiration. 

BK-One –  I think our biggest influences on this record were each other.  We bring such different mindsets and workflows and musical sensibilities – with my experience in the world of jazz and hip hop and Tony’s background in punk and melodic pop – that anytime we brought something to each other, it was a riddle to be solved.  That challenge, more than any outside influence, is what shaped this record.

The album has these old school qualities about it – for being fairly young dudes, was the intent to create or recreate that feel?

A – Nah, it was never our intent to recreate old sounds.  There are plenty of folks out there right now recreating old sounds and feelings, and some of them are doing a bang-up job.  But that’s not really our interest.  Why create something that already sounded so good to begin with?  With that said, I can certainly listen to our record and point to several places where I feel I was highly influenced by past sounds. 

B – It’s definitely a collage of different sounds, and some might be familiar, but I think we’ve done something unique here.

You guys both come from totally different backgrounds in music, in comparison to the album – what was the connection to make music together?

A – The main connection was simply to collaborate with a new friend.  We were both excitable, hard-working artists who were ready to try something new.  We also live close to each other and have similar work ethics.  For us, the process itself is pure enjoyment and I believe it led us towards the unique feel this album possesses.  Now, did we argue a bunch throughout the process?  Yes, absolutely.  Our different backgrounds meant we had different ideas about how to do this or that.  But we only had to compromise with each other, instead of with 3 or 4 others, as is the case with a lot of bands. 

B – Like Tony said, having fun with a new friend.  Plus, I think we’re both artistically restless.  We know how to focus and finish what we’ve started, but I think we both like the challenge of being out of our element.  That’s where the joy of creating art lives for me.  Not in comfort, but in friction.

 How do you guys feel with the end results of the album?

T – I’m definitely proud of how the record came out and I find myself enjoying more with each listen.  Typically, I seldom listen to records that have been completed.  I’m usually ready to move on, but with this record I find myself listening intently to the work we’ve created.  I keep finding things I hadn’t heard or focused on before.

B – It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever done.  Probably because I don’t completely understand it.  With everything else I’ve released, I can point to ever single moment of it and tell you why I chose to do what I did.  There are parts of this that I love so much, but if you asked me what made them that way I’d just have to say “magic”.

Can we expect to hear new music in the future?

T – Sure thing boss.

B – Damn right!

(Look for the album on Wax Poetics Records via Sony RED distribution)