Lee Ranaldo Releases New Video, "Uncle Skeleton"

Just in time for Halloween, Lee Ranaldo has released the brand new video for “Uncle Skeleton,” a track taken from his latest album, Electric Trim, out now on Mute.

Ranaldo explains, “The tune for ‘Uncle Skeleton’ put me in mind of those dusty old cowboy ballads that ‘60s bands often psychedelicized. In particular, I had Papa John Phillips’s ‘Me and My Uncle’ in my head, a track that was covered by the Grateful Dead and others. An early video of Joni Mitchell (then still Joni Anderson) performing the song on some old Canadian TV show stuck with me and informed the tune as I worked on it. The verses were mostly written with Jonathan Lethem, my collaborator throughout the Electric Trim album. At first, his sheet of lyrics didn’t make any sense to me, but they seem to drop into the tune like they were designed exactly for it. Only later did I learn that his lyrics about stripping the flesh off the bones came directly out of the pages of his most recent book, A Gambler’s Anatomy. The video was created by Elisa Ambrogio, visionary singer/guitarist of the band Magik Markers.”