SEX DRUGS AND UFOs: Hollywood Nights With Kool Keith

Welcome to the wondrous world of Sex Drugs And UFOs. This is the podcast that delivers an uncanny amount of subject matters ranging from a wide variety. Hosted by Matt Greenfield and Joey Baloney, these two set out to discover things within the underbelly of a subculture no one usually dares to tread. Are these two traveling cross country in search of Area 51 news items or do they compile evidence on government conspiracies? With the occasional musical guest, and here with Kool Keith, this truly is Sex Drugs And UFOs.

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About the hosts:

Matt Greenfield AKA MC Homeless is a writer, rapper, podcaster, and filmmaker that has many credits under his buckle.  As MC Homeless, Matt has worked with Fake Four INC and Milled Pavement Records, releasing multiple cult albums and playing over twenty countries. As a filmmaker, Matt made the punk rock documentary Destroy Cleveland which had premieres across the world from Los Angeles to Milan to Amsterdam. He ran the website Rust Belt Hammer, covering the 1970’s and 80’s Midwest punk scenes extensively. Matt turned Rust Belt Hammer into a podcast where he interviewed rappers, punk icons, pro wrestlers, and all sorts of nontraditional characters. Over a year later Rust Belt Hammer morphed again to become Sex, Drugs, and UFOs. Matt and his creative partner Joseph Ramirez AKA Joey Baloney discuss embarrassing sexual exploits, talk with alien abductees, and chat up cult personalities such as Kool Keith and David Liebe Hart regularly. Matt currently lives in Austin, Texas and is overwhelmed

Born on the sunniest October morning, many moons ago, Joey Baloney came out swinging. His natural love for baseball lead him to try out for the major leagues before entering kindergarten. He was turned down for a starting position, due to being 4 years old, but was given boot straps personally by Nolan Ryan, being guided by the combined spirit of Jackie Robinson and Roy Orbison and told to keep his chin up. Though he grew up spending a lot of time alone, he was shown graceful tenderness by the women in his life, a teddy bear named “James Brown” and pro-wrestling. His father was his coach growing up and taught him to keep his eye on the ball, never panic and don’t take grifts from anyone, including oneself. After retiring from trying to become a professional baseball player, he picked up professional wrestling management and also currently plays rock and roll in Brontosaurus and Powerhawk, based in Austin, Texas.