Sex Drugs And UFOs EP 39: Emotron, Ambien, Pringles, And Powerhawk

If they were a band, Joey Baloney and Matthew Greenfield, a/k/a MC Homeless, would probably be the best air guitar act known to all their friends in their basement to talk about who the worst band is, shitting in a Pringles can, dogs eating poop, and the best uses of Ambien.

It’s Sex, Drugs and UFOs and in the new Episode 39, the dynamic duo talks with Emotron, the “Southern-bred solo performance art project propelled by raw creative emotional energy & original synthy song composures on a vintage midi Yamaha QY700 Sequencer.” Emotron just came off an east coast tour with Andy The Doorbum and our host asked him if he was able to keep his “vows.” Don’t understand? Tune in and listen to a new track by Powerhawk.

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