BSE 73: St. Vincent, M. Ward, LVL Up, Jenn Champion and Many More

Photos Courtesy of the Artists


On this episode of Best Song Ever the dear LaBenne cousins discuss the new surprise album from The Carters (aka Beyonce and Jay-Z.)  They also discuss their favorite Nicolas Cage movies, Brian shares that he has no imagination or memories and Luke explains flyover states and dives into his history of playing music in Church.  Also, they talk about living in the digital age and how playlists are trying to steal our individuality while they play the eight best songs you’ll hear all week!
Every week Ghettoblaster feature writers (and dear cousins!) Brian LaBenne and Luke LaBenne bring you fresh new songs with the hopes of introducing you to some that you may consider to be the best song ever. Both Brian and Luke have no idea what songs the other has picked, so what you are hearing is their genuine reaction to listening to the songs together. Also, if you enjoy this episode, head to iTunes to subscribe and rate our podcast with the highest rating available to you.
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Songs Played on “#michiganarepeopletoo”
M Ward – Shark from What a Wonderful Industry out now on M Ward Records
Bodega – How Did This Happen!? from Endless Scroll out July 6th on What’s Your Rupture?
LVL UP – Orchard out now on Sub Pop
St. Vincent – Fast Slow Disco out now on Loma Vista Recordings
Tomberlin – Self-Help from At Weddings out August 10th on Saddle Creek
Air Sea Dolphin – Bells out now on Chunklet Industries
Jenn Champion – Time to Regulate from Single Rider out July 13th on Hardly Art
Silverbacks – Dunkirk out now