Zealot R.I.P. join Three One G Records

Zealot R.I.P. started years ago when life-long friends, Jason Hamacher (Frodus, Battery, CombatWoundedVeteran) and Mike Schleibaum, decided to collaborate and write music that’s fast and heavy. Between Schleibaum’s relentless touring in Darkest Hour and Hamacher’s extensive documentary work in Syria, it took a few years for them to settle into a sound that’s somewhere between Entombed and Born Against. The band was recently solidified with the additions of Pig Destroyer’s Blake Harrison and Fairweather’s Peter Tsouras. This metal amalgam, upon forming, went immediately into the studio and recorded a handful of songs that are brutally unhinged.

As a bizarre and radical opening reception to the world, Zealot R.I.P. is playing their first show on May 20 at the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. The Embassy is hosting a concert and panel discussion around the U.S. debut of the new book, Blood.Fire.Death, on the history of Swedish metal.

The self-titled EP was recorded recorded/mixed by Mike Schleibaum at The Riff Dojo. It will be released digitally as well as an ultra limited edition 12” EP on vinyl through Three One G Records on May 20. Preorder, here.