Ultramantis Black ready debut LP, share "West Siberian Plain"

The debut EP of Ultramantis Black, the hardcore punk band created to spread the gospel of the professional wrestling champion drops July 9 on Relapse Records.  The band unveiled the first track, “West Siberian Plan”….
LISTEN: “West Siberian Plain” – https://soundcloud.com/relapserecords/ultramantis-black-west-siberian-plain
Having spent over a decade dominating the Chikara wrestling scene, Ultramantis teamed up with members of the beloved punk band Pissed Jeans  to form a blistering political hardcore band that is equal parts The Locust, Deadguy and Melt Banana.  Imagine the best parts of ’90s militant straight-edge hardcore filtered through the over the top theatrics of pro-wrestling.
PRE-ORDER: Ultramantis Blackhttp://bit.ly/UltramantisBlack
WATCH: A trailer for the limited edition vinyl – http://youtu.be/Zo3qXxaXVEg