U Sco streams Treffpunkt

In support of their upcoming new album Treffpunkt out next Tuesday, September 23 on New Atlantis Records, Portland’s pummeling instrumental powerhouse U Sco has premiered a full stream of their new release exclusively at The Obelisk.
Stream “Treffpunkt” from U SCO exclusively @ The Obelisk!
Recently back from a month-long, summer US tour, where the band performed with the likes of Sightings, Nick Millevoi, Dama/Libra, Hyrrokkin, Period, Microwaves, Zevious and others, the band is currently preparing to premiere the video for new album track “Tuskflower,” coming in the next few weeks. Treffpunkt was recorded and mixed by Paurl Walsh at Roadhouse Studios in Portland in the winter of 2013. Sonically, it’s the best representation of the band so far, combining the dizzying velocity of their live performances with an aural spaciousness and lucidity that highlights the group’s breathtaking consideration for musical minutiae.
See the band live here:
9/24 @ Habesha Lounge Portland, OR w/ Horders
10/7 @ The Know Portland, OR w/ Brandon Seabrook