Twitter Suspends Talib Kweli’s Account

Truth be told, Talib Kweli is more than a rapper. He’s also an activist that uses social media platforms in order to get his point across on numerous subjects. Twitter saw to lock his account following an exchange with racist Texas attorney.

About the incident, Kweli explains:
“Twitter saw fit to suspend him from Twitter but they think my posting of his public business address is to incite harassment. This essentially means they only care about their culpability, but they don’t care about the community this ‘lawyer’ serves in real life. A lawyer who does this should have his very public contact info shared by everyone so that we as a community can demand accountability. 
If someone is claiming to be a defense attorney and they are making extremely disparaging remarks, unprompted, to and about women, black people, anti fascists, gay people on top of threatening to kill these people, shouldn’t the community he serves have be able to have a place to call or an address to visit to express their grievances? If that is not the time to tell someone to contact a business when is?
Getting back on Twitter is not my concern. Allowing a major corporation to say I harassed someone who tweeted me out of the blue making wild racist threats at me and those who support me is.
There is a community outside of Twitter that the lawyer is still a threat to. How can you not care about that community?”