Turn n Fire Readies New Album

Chicago’s Turn n Fire releases Dying on this Hill, a 12-song full-length on November 17. The band has also announced that they will be celebrating the record’s release with a show release day at  Subterranean’s downstairs venue in Chicago performing alongside Tommy Kessler, Shotgun Funeral, and Nora Marks.

Turn n Fire drummer Sean McGill says, “This album was born during the pandemic. These songs were written as scratch demos that were passed back and forth between us. With everything shut down, each of us added our own parts without ever stepping into the practice room. When the lockdowns ended and shows started back up, these were the songs that we were excited to play because these songs reflect who we have become throughout all of this for better and worse.”

Vocalist/guitar player Jon Kelly adds, “This album is made from of a lot of hard emotions, and even harder truths. It’s campfire punk. It’s sad songs over happy chords you could play around an open fire with cheap beer and the best of friends.”

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Photo courtesy of Turn n Fire