Tool ready anniversary reissue of Opiate, talk new album

Tool‘s forthcoming 21st anniversary reissue of their Opiate EP will come with a little something extra—if you’re lucky. Five copies of the commemorative edition will randomly include a “Seal Of Xatanitos.” Ever a band of mystery, the details of that prize will only be disclosed to those who actually manage to win it.
The band will be re-releasing the aforementioned effort with expanded artwork and packaging through on March 26. Meanwhile, guitarist Adam Jones recently spoke with in regards to the project and the bands long-awaited new album.
 “Lately, we’ve been trying to write music and not doing any other projects that distract us.”
He further went on to offer:
“We’re older guys now. The band has changed drastically. We’re very distant people now and have our own lives. It’s always been like that. It’s been a collective perspective even from the start, but now it’s much more diverse. And I’m not saying that’s bad. It’s just different.
So writing is a different perspective now. It’s taken a little longer. And besides that, we’ve had a couple major setbacks that we’re recovering from. I’m calling March “March Madness” because I’ve been really trying to kick ass and focus on this thing and get it to a point where we’re all happy. I really love those guys. And people grow and they change; it’s just like a relationship.
You just have to compromise and respect each other. It’s just like life. It’s like anything else. That’s where it’s at.”