Tigers Jaw cover The Cure's "In Between Days"

Tigers Jaw have released their cover of The Cure’s “In Between Days” via Billboard. The song comes off of the Devinyl Splits No. 3, Tigers Jaw’s split with Kevin Devine. Pre-orders for the 7-inch are available now via Bad Timing Records. 7-inchess can be ordered physically HERE and digitally HERE. Devinyl Splits No. 3 also features Kevin Devine covering The Cure’s “Love Song,” to be released soon. A quote from Brianna of Tigers Jaw can be found below.
Stream Tigers Jaw’s Cover Of The Cure’s “In Between Days” via Billboard.

“When we were talking with Kevin about what to do for the split, one of the things he suggested was to cover different songs from the same artist. The Cure has been a band that I’ve always loved and I thought that we could both find songs that we could make our own. Admittedly I always gravitate toward love songs, and “In Between Days” is one of my all-time favorites.”
Devinyl Splits No. 3 is a part of Kevin Devine’s year long Devinyl Splits series. The series features Kevin Devine teaming up with six different artists throughout 2015.
The split comes out September 11 via Bad Timing Records.