The Wrens ink a record deal

The Wrens inked a record deal for the next album. This is what they said:
Twenty-five years in, a step toward the dream of legitimate employment: we have signed a recording contract….
— the wrens (@thewrens) November 11, 2014
A posting on the band’s website reveals this:
“…for the first time in I don’t even know how long (years at this point!), we all four got together. The occasion? Well, I realize it’s not big news in any sense except to us, but after 25 years as a band and for the first time in 20, we, as they say, have inked a deal. Pens were handed out presidentially. Morning beers were clinked together. The devil wrung his hands in delight & vanished in a smoke puff, laughing.
Honestly not being coy but promised not to reveal details, pending a more official announcement from both parties. But wanted to say at least something, partially ’cause we’re all super happy about it.
And partially because pretending to do this for a job (or whatever this is), there are none of the usual office trappings or career mile-markers along the way. No promotions; no HR; no office holiday party or company phone; heck, no office or company; no paid vacation; well, no ‘pay’ really…actually the more I write, the more I’m clearly describing a hobby. Anyway, so partially for myself (I signed a binding legal document! On letterhead!).
And partially to have something even a little more concrete than my usual “work continues nightly” to show that…this record is actually happening. And nearly done.”