The Ukiah Drag to release In the Reaper's Quarters

The Ukiah Drag finally hit us with their debut full-length album, In the Reaper’s Quarters – recorded in a secularized Lutheran temple off the banks of the Hudson River and produced by Ben Greenberg (formerly of The Men). Reaper’s Quarters, out September 9 on Wharf Cat Records, is a fine projection of basement rumination finding temptation in the halls of an ex-God – there is no erasure of the Satanic ego as The Drag move onto new spiritual drippings. It’s a hellish maw that chews up tired rock and post punk tropes only to reanimate them in other austere and lonely offices. Pitchfork debuted the first number “Her Royal Grip” claiming it “drugs the Gun Club’s punk twang with a slow-burnt spell, stomping and dirging their white heat into the red.”