The Tim Version shares "A Dream About Dean's Dream"

No Idea Records is releasing Ordinary Life from The Tim Version on August 12, and they joyfully share the first tune below….
Listen/Post “A Dream About Dean’s Dream”
The Tim Version is Gainesville punk (from Tampa), with better jobs and a better van! Wrap ’em up in a tortilla with The Replacements, Radon, Leatherface, Hot Water Music, Motorhead, country legends of old, and a hefty dose of fast, bring-the- house-down punk rock, and you’ve got a mighty fine burrito! This here album is uptempo, adrenalin-charged and whiskey- soaked, but some of the finest moments are also found when they step back and let the full-on country songs breathe and move. You will swear you’ve heard these songs your whole life on a crackling AM radio.