The Tablets ready self-titled debut LP

The Tablets’ self-titled debut LP is being released June 4 as a special edition with a live EP.  The Tablets are the songs of Liz Godoy. She co-produced the album alongside Brenden Beu (Male Bonding, Pissed Jeans, o’death) She plays live with a plethora of folks (including Brenden and her sister, Melissa, who does live projections for each show).
Liz studied piano and ballet In Tijuana and Culiacan, Mexico at a very young age, and her dance studies eventually took her to Cuba. Upon returning to Mexico, she retired from the dancing world and decided to pick-up where she left off with music. In early 2010, following the hiatus of her previous band ‘the fearsome sparrow’, Liz began writing ’60s garage and pop/dark ’80s/new wave/Mexican girl-pop dance jams that became this record.