The Pomps ready Indie Rock Is Dying, share "Halo"

“The Pomps are such a special band, truly one of kind. You can crawl to all ends of the Earth and try to find something similar to them but I promise you whatever you find will fail in comparison. With their unique blend of Brit pop with Jamaican music, we instantly knew from hearing the demos, that The Pomps had to be a part of the Rarebreed Roster. ” – Obi Fernandez / Rarebreed Recording Co.
In 2011, Alex Stern recognized a problem of his own creation: He was in a reggae band that was firmly committed to writing within its genre, but, his songs were grounded in a fascination with late 70’s Power-Pop and New Wave. He was simultaneously in a New Wave band that objected to his insistence on a singularly Jamaican syncopation. He formed The Pomps with an ear towards an amalgam of the 2 styles, and a hope that it would be a solution.
Few bands get their lineup correct from the jump, but, the initial team of Jameson Hollis (bass), Rick Smith (Drums), and Casey Gruttadauria (Organ) endures to this day. The group got a running start by playing warehouse parties, opening for modern ska heroes, and even scoring a little bit of love in the hometown (Boston) press. In the midst of this, the group’s momentum was slightly impeded by demand for the members’ individual skills: Hollis brought his bass around the world with Have Nots, Stern became the permanent guitarist for Big D and the Kids Table, and Casey and Rick were called for hundreds of local sessions and shows.
Still, the band mustered 2 high quality releases (2012’s mini album “Top of the Pomps” and 2013’s “Pomps Save the Queen” EP), and continued to build even without sustained availability. 2015 finds our Pomps re-assembled and ready to release their best record yet for the new (and ultra-selective) Rarebreed Recording Company. Titled Indie Rock is Dying, Pomps’ debut full-length treats its listener to 6 A-sides of self-styled “Island Power-Pop”. “Downbeat Diner” is an adderall-fueled pul of Hawaii-noir. “All My Guns” is a portrait of the Sandy Hook- Era “responsible gun-owner” that every parent fears, while the title track describes the special hell that is being a ska fanatic while living in a house full of underemployed taste-makers. Surprise closer “How to Lure People” sets up a beach chair in the previously unoccupied zone between Crowded House and Sly and Robbie.
Indie Rock is Dying was produced by Obi Fernandez and Eric Novod of Westbound Train, and was recorded at Lake House Recording Studios in Asbury Park, NJ. Rarebreed will be releasing Pomps’ debut album this Fall.
Stream “Halo” from The Pomps HERE!