The Pizza Underground ready live album

Bitter Melody Records will help release The Pizza Underground’s new live album, titled Live At Chop Suey. The Pizza Underground notably features Macaulay Culkin and seasoned musicians from the NY anti-folk scene doing pizza parodies of The Velvet Underground.
The album features their full 26 minute set at Seattle’s Chop Suey, including stage banter. The band will have the cassette on tour, and Bitter Melody Records will have the cassette and a deluxe box set that is limited to 50 available in their
store. The deluxe box set will come with their first cassette and the new live cassette. It will be housed in a custom handmade, hand-numbered pizza box, with a few extra surprises too. All deluxe boxes include extra cassette art autographed by the band. The cassette will come with a digital download card, and randomly selected orders of the live cassette will include autographed art as well.