The Millenium cover "Power of Love," tour (2015)

Alternative pop-rock artist The Millenium have teamed up with their friends Whosah to release a Back To The Future tribute video covering the film’s staple track, “Power of Love,” by Huey Lewis and the News. The time and date of the video release is  especially important, October 21, 2015 at 4:29 PM, is the exact date and time Marty arrives to the future in the Back To The Future movie. The groups chose to cover the song, “Power of Love” because of its significance in the film and the sequels. The song reoccurs multiple times throughout the movies and was in fact written specifically for the 1985 film.
Watch the “Power Of Love” cover and video tribute here:

The band explains the thought process behind the release of this tribute saying, “Whosah have been good friends with us for a while, and the idea was brought up during some days we spent together on the road together. Back to the Future is actually a favorite for some of us and the song is pretty quirky and fun just like both of our groups, so we wanted to video to match that vibe, all while subtly referencing things from the film!”
The Millenium will be kicking off a Midwest tour this November, and are preparing for the release of a new song and music video. The teaser for the upcoming video can be seen here, and a list of tour dates can be seen below.
11/03 – Pontiac, MI – Hatchy’s
11/05 – Pittsburgh, PA – Keynote Cafe
11/06 – Ewing, NJ – The College Of New Jersey
11/07 – Westport, CT – Toquet Music Hall
11/08 – Philadelphia, PA – Bourbon & Branch
11/09 – Cleveland, OH – Wilbert’s
11/11 – Louisville, KY – Tim Faulkner Gallery
11/13 – St. Louis, MO – The Demo
11/14 – Joplin, MO – JB’s
11/16 – Des Moines, IA – The Basement
11/18 – Madison, WI – True Coffee
11/19 – La Crosse, WI – The Warehouse
11/20 – Minneapolis, MN – University of Minnesota
11/21 – Burnsville, MN – The Garage
11/22 – Chicago, IL – Fitz’s Spare Keys