The Longshots share video for "Don't Sweat It"

The Longshots deliver in-your-face rock-n-roll and have been since the group’s 2012 inception.
Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Joey Gorman, guitarist Alex Zobel, bassist/guitarist Kris Luther, and drummer Brady Hamilton, The Longshots released the Kicker EP in 2012 on Dreamy Soundz Records, a 7″ in 2013 [Pau Wau Records] and followed up with a self-titled LP in 2014 [Mock Records]. The Longshots are proud to announce the second single, “Don’t Sweat It,” off the full-length album. Directed, shot and edited by Brandon P. Schwindt and produced by Wayne Floyd at The Warehouse in Fort Worth, “Don’t Sweat It” is an exciting indicator of what’s next for these boys.
“It’s a ‘day in the life’ kind of deal,” Gorman explains. “In most of the video, we are seen jaded with masks of face paint, which in my mind is current indie-pop in a nut shell, plus or minus a string section or feathers.
“We didn’t want to just film ourselves being ‘ourselves’ when we get the chance to make a video,” he adds. “We wanted to exaggerate our personal realities and have a damn good time. We try to match the vibe of the song, not just the lyrically persuaded plot. We want to relay the good times to our audience who hasn’t had a chance to see us live yet and show those who have seen us how the support and energy translate.”
Check it here: