The Helm share video for "Daymares (Symptoms Come To Light)"

If there were one adjective that could be used to describe The Helm most accurately it would be enduring.  Through numerous lineup changes, destruction of body parts, adult failures, dwindling physical and mental health, and unmatched stubbornness to simply turn their amps down, The Helm have managed to keep their friendship intact, and stay on the road in the process.
Formed more than a decade ago, The Helm have been pummeling listeners with their dissonant and chaotic blend of hardcore, drawing influence from the brightest luminaries of the 1990s: His Hero is Gone, Bloodlet, Neurosis.  They’ve showcased this intense aggression on a string of consistent releases: The Helm 7-inch (Hex Records) in 2005, Grim Harvest LP (Indecision Records) in 2006, and Home LP (Hex Records) in 2009.
With Symptoms Come to Light, The Helm nourishes the crusty hardcore sound of their previous releases with an influx of Hydra Head-inspired drone. Working with Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studio (YOB, Heiress, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth), the three-piece have honed their craft, sounding more intense than ever, but infusing a sense of melody into their songwriting.  Then end result is a five-song, nineteen-minute affair that balances the intense hardcore and trudging drone seamlessly.
This is released under the band’s own label Bronze Dogs Recordings, an imprint of Glory Kid, Ltd.
Music video for the track “Daymares (Symptoms Come To Light)”: