The Goldhearts ready LP, play shows (2015)

The Goldhearts have had a big year. Not only did they master playing in a band with an interstate guitarist. They released their first single “On The Run” which received weekly spins by iconic Los Angeles DJ KROQ Rodney on his show Rodney on the Roq. The single was also embraced by community radio and received regular spins on SYN, ZZZ, Radio Adelaide and others
So here’ the thing… The Goldhearts are about to release their second single called “Here’s the Thing”. “It’s short and sharp” says Margy, the singer/guitarist and “a change in mood from the country swagger of our first single ‘On the Run’. The track highlights the punchier grittier side of The Goldhearts but with the same hooks and melodies that they are becoming known for as well as saluting the band of the nineties where they draw their inspiration.
The single is the second of their forthcoming debut album which will be released early next year. The album was produced by Govinda Doyle (Angus and Julia Stone, Big Jet Plane). The single will be supported by shows at Studio 56 at Miami Marketta on November 26, and the Zoo in Brisbane on November 27. And Chicks with Picks 19 December at Sydney Town Hall.
The Goldhearts formed earlier this year, bringing to life a solo recording project created by indie music stalwart Margy Joughin who stepped away from her usual duties on bass and guitar to record an album of engaging tunes with Govinda. Margy says “people seem to like the song “Here’s the Thing” because for some reason people love saying ‘here’s the thing…’ maybe its because it makes them feel like they are about to say something very profound and people are going to listen to them, even if it’s, ‘I think it’s time for a coffee.’” 
The Goldhearts sound salutes ’90s girls in rock and they seem to be doing a good job in keeping up the tradition.
Catch them live:
Nov 26 – Studio 56 @ Miami Marketta, Gold Coast
Nov 27 – The Zoo, Brisbane
Dec 19 – Chick With Picks, Sydney Town Hall