The Frames, Glen Hansard to release albums

Legendary Irish band The Frames are celebrating their 25th anniversary with the release of the album Longitude. The record is a stirring compilation of songs chosen by the band, including new recordings of favorites  “Revelate” and  “Fitzcaraldo” as well as a brand new composition called “None But I.”
Longitude, mastered by producer and one time band member Dave Odlum, is the first record from The Frames since they released The Cost in 2006.
As the band explains, “After many conversations amongst ourselves we decided it should simply be a collection of our favorite tunes, songs we would be happy to put on a mix-tape for a friend. So, here it is, with no regard to what album is most or least represented. It’s a short collection of tunes we are proud of, some in slightly different versions from the original recordings, and one new song. This is not the sum of our career but maybe some of the songs where we felt we had broken through to a new place or gotten better as a band. We hope you like it…. We hope you enjoy it.”
The Frames are a world renowned Dublin based band led by Glen Hansard of the Academy Award winning film Once, The Swell Season, and the acclaimed solo album Rhythm and Repose. Acknowledged as one of Ireland’s most successful acts of their generation, The Frames career spans three decades as they celebrate 25 years together.
The Frames released their first album in 1992 and have not only endured, but thrived through assorted record deals and line-up changes, releasing consistently excellent albums throughout. All of the group’s records to date have achieved Double Platinum sales status in Ireland (with the band’s live album, Set List, and For The Birds selling well in excess of Quadruple Platinum) and they have amassed a sizable and dedicated fan-base worldwide. Beloved for a rousing mix of blue eyed soul and heartfelt indie rock, the band has earned a reputation as one of the truly great live acts, consistently selling out venues with joyous sing-alongs, stirring musical interplay and an innate on stage charm.
Glen Hansard will release his second solo album Didn’t He Ramble this September 18.