Temple ready 7" for Texas Is Funny

Texas Is Funny has announced a new EP from Milwaukee, WI’s Temple. The “Kill / Let Die” 7-inch is out May 12 a joint release via Texas Is Funny / Waybridge / Guard / Suspended Soul / Darkness Forming. The vinyl Pre-Order is available now.
You can check out the A-side from Kill / Let Die now. “Like Nothing In This Life” is premiering exclusively on Stereogum. The 7″ follows up the band’s 2013 The Conscience of The King full-length which is available for streaming/name your price download on Bandcamp.
Emo has always been more about a song’s execution than its style, which makes the so-called genre more musically diverse than many listeners realize. Sometimes, it takes a band like Milwaukee, WI’s Temple to remind how expansive this particular spectrum is. On their Kill / Let Die seven-inch, their first for Texas is Funny Records, Temple seems to display emo’s opposing sides. Side-A’s “Like Nothing in This Life” is sharp-edged and rusty, its guitars slicing between singer and guitarist Jamie Yanda’s breathless voice and his screaming band mates. Even the track’s tamest moments feature guitars that flicker like an open flame, raw and exposed, a stray spark away from destruction. Yanda’s desperation decreases on “Massive Star,” which finds his melody meandering alongside a budging bassline as chords pop and fizzle like fireworks overhead. Though his roar rises and recedes against the same sharp chords, side-B’s bounce seems noticeably sunnier, particularly during an instrumental bridge that cartwheels—then cruises, then careens—toward a climactic final crash. This second song is Jimmy Eat World to side-A’s At the Drive-In, Texas is the Reason to Thursday’s rowdiest set, bright and dynamic pop to post-hardcore’s jagged edges, and brings together two sides of the same musical coin.