Team Dresch Celebrate 25 Years Today With Full Catalogue Reissue

Queercore revolutionaries, Team Dresch, celebrate 25 years with a full catalogue reissue including their first two albums Personal Best and Captain My Captain in addition to a singles compilation titled Choices, Chances, Changes out now via Jealous Butcher Records. The timely release coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots- sharing a common ground of resistance, power, and activism.

Team Dresch didn’t just raise the stakes of queercore, they created two near perfect albums about longing, freedom, and belonging. The sheer force Team Dresch bring to the stage is amplified by their screeching guitars and wailing cries for inclusivity and acceptance of all genders and sexualities, themes that have only grown in power since the conception of the group.

Established musicians, Donna Dresch (guitar and bass), Jody Bleyle (guitar, bass, and vocals), Kaia Wilson (guitar and vocals), Melissa York (drums) and Marcéo Martinez (drums) combined the likes of punk and metal with the then-radical ideologies of sexuality and female empowerment to earn their respected place among the queercore and riot grrrl movements. After a brief break up, they reunited in 2004 for sporadic live performances. Nearly three decades after forming, the works of Team Dresch have never resonated louder. Time to get reacquainted- the band is touring the West Coast in support of their 25 year anniversary reissues.