Tangled Up Ready New Album

Featuring members of Delaware-based bands Grace Vonderkuhn, Cave Life, and EyeBawl, the now Philadelphia-based Tangled Up are clearly a closely related sibling of those projects still managing to offer its own striking features. The band are set to release Silk Embroidered Light on cassette via Knife Hits Records (Rid of Me, Cherubs, Fight Amp, etc.) on February 18. Preorder it here.

Combining elements of aggressive noise rock with some of the more melodic elements of grunge rock, the four-piece band are both musically proficient while striking a creative balance between many genres. Additionally, this newest material sees them at their most focused and adding elements almost akin to a heavier Fugazi and most definitely bands from The Jesus Lizard school of thought. Low hanging fruit band comparisons aside, this is heavy, focused, hook-laden, and it rips.