Suis La Lune shares "Different Perspective" from forthcoming EP

Check out the premiere of Suis La Lune’s new song “Different Perspective” on Punktastic.

Set for release on July 31 via Topshelf Records, the band’s new EP, Distance / Closure, features all of the original members, with the only change being a role swap between guitarist Karl Sladö and drummer Daniel Pettersson.

Pre-orders for ‘Distance / Closure,’ have launched here.

The Swedish screamo four-piece began recording the EP on November 15, 2014 in the basement of guitarist/vocalist, Henning.

The band recently stated that the new material has “a darker, harder sound”, and the new single does not disappoint, by combining slightly more technical instrumentation with a darker vocal tone. However, as Sladö has previously said, “Suis La Lune still sounds like Suis La Lune.”