Steve Adamyk Band stream Dial Tone

Ottawa’s Steve Adamyk Band will return on July 1 with their fourth LP, Dial Tone.  The good news is you can listen to the whole darn thing now before it comes out on Dirtnap Records next week (see Exclaim album stream debut)….
Listen/Post Steve Adamyk Band’s Dial Tone
For this release, SAB travelled to Oakland, CA to record with Matthew Melton of Warm Soda/Bare Wires fame. Melton grew up in Memphis and that influence definitely shows on Dial Tone.  If 2011’s Forever Won’t Wait was their “pop” album, and 2013’s Third was their “punk” album, let’s call this one their “garage” rock masterpiece.
Throughout their history, the sometimes 3, sometimes 4 piece Steve Adamyk Band has always had a fluid lineup. On Dial Tone (their first LP to have the same lineup as the previous album) SAB is Steve Adamyk (duh), Davey Quenselle, Dave Forcier, and Sebastien Godin (also of Sonic Avenues fame) alongside with guest appearances from Matthew Melton and the Primitive Hearts’ Danielle Agnew.