Ss Records to reissue A FRAMES records on vinyl

Ss Records is very proud to announce the vinyl reissue of two classic albums from our early catalog: A FRAMES s/t LP and A FRAMES 2 LP.   Ss Records was created with the A Frames in mind.
Back in 2000, the A FRAMES came to town to record with friend and neighbor Chris Woodhouse. At the time, Woodhouse was Sacramento’s “will record for pizza” producer, recording mainly raw punk bands and his own creations (nowadays he’s the man behind many Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Intelligence, etc. recordings). Most of the recordings on the ’90s local label, Moo-La-La were Woodhouse’s. The A FRAMES were fans of the label and of Woodhouse’s and asked if he would record them. Those recordings became the A Frames and Ss Records first single, SS001.
Six months later, Woodhouse and Ss Records packed two suitcases full of recording equipment (one containing an 8-track reel-to-reel recorder, the other a mixer, mics, etc.) into a rental car and did a 12 hour one-shot hell ride to Seattle in order to record the A FRAMES first album. Over a weekend, they had the record in the can and were zooming back to Sacramento.
A FRAMES 2 was recorded less than a year later. It was the same MO: Two suitcases, a rental car, broken speeding laws, and a weekend of recording. This time the results were better than before. Taking a clue from their heroes Wire, A FRAMES used their second album to explore sounds hinted at on their first, creating something new and exciting while still sounding like the same band. A FRAMES 2 was greeted with immediate praise, hit lots of Best Of… lists, and quickly sold out of its one pressing.
After the A FRAMES records sold out, the band and the label decided that it was best to find new bands, obscure music and commit it to vinyl rather than repressing the same records over and over. Thus, Ss Records has kept the vinyl out of print for over a decade (a small French pressing was done quite a while ago. It came and went quickly).
Over the years, Ss has had repeated requests to put the record back into print. The records are hard to find and when they turn up they aren’t cheap. Few people outside the U.S. had a chance at the Ss pressing. After talking to the band, Ss figured, Hell, Let’s do it!
Mastered by John Golden, pressed by RTI, and in custom sleeves printed at Stumptown, the A FRAMES s/t and A FRAMES 2 will be available on vinyl October 23.   Find out more here: