Some Minor Noise release "It Never Ends", ready debut

Toronto noise pop duo Some Minor Noise (members Jane Void and Wayne Doe) returns today with their high-anxiety new single “It Never Ends”  and accompanying self-produced video. Also in tow is the long-awaited announcement of their debut Anachronisms set to drop July 14.
The project first went on hiatus last September following a string of beloved digital singles which included “Understanding”, “Coffers” and “Aeroplanes” accompanied by a possibility of a debut  release that fall. Unfortunately due to personal issues the project became inactive and remained silent until now. With their debut complete and a renewed sense of confidence, Some Minor Noise has a strong year in front of them and we’re happy to have them back.
Some Minor Noise is the electronic noise pop duo of Jane Void (girl, vocals) and Wayne Doe (boy, beats). They met in their home city of Toronto in the summer of 2011, when Wayne saw Jane perform her newly solo-ed project, Jane Void. They initially planned to continue as a solo project with Wayne acting as a producer, but realized that somewhere along the way something entirely new was born. Some Minor Noise makes music to dance/cry/break stuff to. They released their debut self-titled five-track EP on Feb, 29. 2012 and are set to release their full-length debut Anachronisms July 14, 2014.