Sidewalk Chalk mashup Beyonce and Bon Iver

Currently in the middle of a 40-show tour for the release of their new album Leaves, Chicago hip-hop band Sidewalk Chalk stopped to record their mashup of Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” and Bon Iver’s “Perth” live in Studio Delux in Los Angeles.
Composed of a singer, emcee, bassist, keyboardist, drummer, two horn players and a tapdancer, Sidewalk Chalk’s blend of hiphop, soul and jazz has earned them the Chicago Reader’s 2010 award for Best Chicago Hip-Hop Act as well as shoutouts from CBS, 2DopeBoyz and fellow Chicago artist Lupe Fiasco.
“We wanted to do something with a song that everybody knows, but do it our own way,” says band member Charles Coffeen of the song. “‘Drunk in Love’ is an obvious choice, and ‘Perth’ came from us looking for songs with locations in the title. The idea was to flip the titles of each song – to be ‘drunk in’ a specific place. On a long drive down the California coast, we started digging through some Childish Gambino, some James Blake, and pulled up Bon Iver’s self-titled album where the song titles are almost all cities. Perth is such a beautiful song, and we tried it out and ended up with this.”