Sea Cycles share "Diving Bell," tour (2015)

Jacksonville, FL quartet Sea Cycles have premiered “Diving Bell,” the second single from the band’s upcoming full length debut Ground & Air, a gorgeous ambient voyage through modern synth pop, retro psych, indie, and experimental rock.
Due out on June 9 via Other People Records, Sea Cycles are excited to share “Diving Bell” today via NPR affiliate WNYC’s Soundcheck. The band’s music is complex yet approachable, pairing stunning synths layered on top of trip-hop influenced beats, sparse harmonized vocals, and psychedelic bursts of guitars that all blend together for a tranquil ambiance continuously moving forward. Ground & Air, an album in the truest sense of the word, is meant to be heard in its entirety, as the interlocking themes and segues merge for the complete aural experience, though
“Diving Bell” offers a vibrant look into the record as it nears the completion of its long strange journey.  With the premiere of “Diving Bell,” WNYC’s Soundcheck offered, “The dreamy, chiming music of Sea Cycles evokes a feeling of awe that invites you to get lost in your own thoughts. With crisp, flittering melodies and rhythms that ping-pong in the headphones, it’s a mellow and cinematic score perfectly suited for late nights alone and meandering through an unfamiliar city with no destination in mind,” while offering comparisons to bands like Tycho, Postal Service, and Broken Social Scene.
Check out the phenomenal review of the track on Soundcheck’s website. Sea Cycles create an explorative aura with Ground & Air, it’s a transformative record that begins one place and ends somewhere else, with perception forever changed and ready to be experienced again. When asked about the record the band said, “It’s meant to sit with you the same way a movie score does.  It’s a lot of slow builds with colorful explosive climaxes. It’s music for those times when you really daydream, when you let your brain wander.  It’s meant as an audio accompaniment to your thoughts.”
Sea Cycles are heading out on the road for a few weeks throughout the Midwest, East Coast, and Canada with label mates Narrow / Arrow beginning June 19 and wrapping up on July 5. Check out all the dates below.
Sea Cycles + Narrow / Arrow Tour Dates:
6/19 – Mansfield, OH @ Relax, It’s Just Coffee
6/21 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Peoples Warehouse
6/22 – Richmond, VA @ Houdan House
6/24 – Brooklyn, NY @ Kings County Saloon
6/25 – Portsmouth, NH @ The Red Door
6/26 – Worcester, MA @ Distant Castle
6/27 – Montreal, QC @ Turbohaus
6/28 – Toronto, ON @ The Smiling Buddah
6/30 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Quad
7/01 – Kalamazoo, IN @ No Fun House
7/02 – Chicago, IL @ The Abbey
7/03 – Urbana, IL @ Audiofeed
7/04 – Dayton, OH @ Blind Bobs
7/05 – Columbus, OH @ Brothers Drake