Scott Murphy (Allister) and Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) release album in Japanese

American musician and singer-songwriter Scott Murphy from pop-punk band Allister and vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Rivers Cuomo from the Grammy award winning alternative rock band Weezer, have partnered up to release an extraordinary self-titled debut album, Scott & Rivers.  Available now on iTunes, Scott & Rivers features twelve catchy pop-rock songs, which are almost entirely sung in the Japanese language, including the hit track “Homely Girl.”
While on a Japanese tour with Weezer in 2009, Cuomo happened to hear one of Murphy’s records.  That chance moment led to an arranged meeting in Los Angeles later that year.  Cuomo had been thinking of putting out an album in Japanese but was still in the early stages of learning the language and wanted to ask Murphy for advice.
Over the next several years, as Cuomo mastered the language, the two became close friends and began writing and recording music in Los Angeles and Chicago, and eventually finished the album in early 2013.  Scott & Rivers was released on March 20 through Universal Music Japan and quickly became the number one selling album on the Japanese alternative chart in its first week.
Scott & Rivers is now available in the U.S. and worldwide through iTunes.