Ryan Young (Off With Their Heads) releases playlist of musical influences

Check out a punk-infused playlist curated by Off With Their Heads’ very own Ryan Young,  who is known for his honest, non-conformist lyrical styling that has been described as “hoarse, crude confessionals,” (A.V. Club)  and “embracing zero-bullsh*t, poignant lyricism” (Punknews.org). The playlist consists of nearly 100 tracks that provide a glimpse at his musical influences. The list ranges from punk to hip-hop and everything in-between, but the underlying current and message behind each song, regardless of genre, is what ties it all together – the stuff punk is made of.
Check out the list by going to: http://bit.ly/UJtfEV
Young and Off With Their Heads will release their second Epitaph album this spring.