Ricked Wicky readies Swimmer To A Liquid Arm Chair

Ricked Wicky are streaming Swimmer To A Liquid Arm Chair via AV Club. The LP drops on Guided By Voices Inc. on September 25.
Stream The New LP On AV Club!
Dayton Ohio-based supergroup Ricked Wicky pulls off a rarely-ventured and even more rarely-gained three-peat with its third album – all recorded and released in the span of a year — Swimmer To A Liquid Armchair. The quartet, led by Robert Pollard and seconded mostly by multi-instrumentalist Nick Mitchell, with assists from Kevin March on drums and Todd Tobias on bass, have amped Pollard’s already wildly prolific output to Jason-Statham-in-Crank-2 levels. STALA serves up the same gleeful messy prog/punk/pop stew as on the previous two Ricked Wicky releases, but there’s a growing sense of assurance evident on the newest record that indicates Big Things for the future.