Reel Big Fish/Warner Bros. donate money to Colorado massacre victims and families

Reel Big Fish has announced they are donating the proceeds from last Thursday’s show at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado to the victims and families of the Friday’s movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado that took place during a midnight screening of Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film. They issued the following statement:
“Last Thursday night, Reel Big Fish played to an amazing Denver crowd. The night was buzzing with positive energy as the last notes of the horns blared and the audience poured into the dark to head home. Little did we all know; right down the street, a tragedy of unspeakable horror was unfolding, in Aurora. Because of the love that Denver always shows us, we would like to do what we can for the friends and families of the victims. Proceeds from our show at the Belly-up in Aspen, CO last Friday July 20 will go to The Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance. Our booking agency, The Agency Group will also be making a donation. If you wish to donate or learn more about the organization visit All our love goes out to the people of Denver in this time of sorrow. Music and dancing is good medicine. Be with friends and boogie!”
It has also been reported that Warner Bros. plan to donate a “substantial” amount to the victims and families.