R.E.M. post T. Hardy Morris video, Morris tours (2013)

R.E.M. debuted the latest video from the “Audition Tapes From Places in Peril” series by T. Hardy Morris on their site, R.E.M. HQ. The take away video for “Share The Needle”, off the Athens, GA based musician’s debut solo album Audition Tapes, was filmed at Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden. The unique and historic site is one of the Georgia Trust’s “Places in Peril”, and the same location where R.E.M. filmed their iconic video for “Radio Free Europe.” Lean more about Paradise Garden here.
Watch “Share The Needle” at R.E.M. HQ 
On August 16th T. Hardy Morris will host a special screening at Ciné in Athens, GA to showcase the “Audition Tapes From Places in Peril” video series in full, with proceeds going to support the Georgia Trust. For the series Morris and filmmaker/photographer Jason Thrasher (cousin of Guided By Voices/Swearing At Motorists’ Don Thrasher) traveled to 10 historic sites throughout Georgia to film live performance “take away” videos of each song on Audition Tapes. All of these sites have been chosen for the “Places In Peril” list, published annually by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation to draw attention to historic sites threatened by demolition and neglect (Learn More).
Catch T. Hardy Morris live at one of these locations:
09 – Atlanta, GA – The Earl w/ Roadkill Ghost Choir, The Eastern Sea
15 – Macon, GA – The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom w/ Roadkill Ghost Choir
16 – Athens, GA – The Caledonia Lounge w/ Roadkill Ghost Choir
17 – Savannah, GA – The Jinx w/ Roadkill Ghost Choir
04 – Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater w/ Jason Isbell
05 – Salt Lake City, UT – The State Room w/ Jason Isbell
06 – Jackson, WY – Town Square Tavern w/ Jason Isbell
07 – Big Sky, MT – Music in the Mountains w/ Jason Isbell
08 – Missoula, MT – Top Hat Lounge w/ Jason Isbell
14 – Pawtucket, RI – The Met (Dudesmash II w/ Deer Tick, Jonny Fritz)
15 – Springfield, MA – John Boyle O’Reilly Club w/ Deer Tick