PUP’s Lead Singer Set To Release Book

On the heels of last week’s critically-acclaimed PUP EP, This Place Sucks Ass, lead singer Stefan Babcock has shared his latest project, Rupert Reaper, what he calls a “nihilistic kids book for adults”.

Rupert Reaper is the story of a very small, very sad grim reaper. All he wants is a friend, but every time he touches someone they die and that makes him feel bad. Rupert drags himself through his lonely, chaotic, and unchanging existence, unable to live and unable to die until one day, he meets a little ghost dog, and everything he thought he knew about life begins to crumble around him.

Of the project, Stefan says “during this pandemic, I needed a break from music. Every song I wrote came out way too dark and it wasn’t healthy. So I found a new, very dumb, very fun medium, into which I could channel all of my existential dread.”

On Sunday Nov 1 at 2pm ET, Stefan will be performing his first ever solo livestream, which in typical PUP fashion is stupidly titled Stefan (of PUP) and his Lead Singer Ego Trip. During the stream, he promises to play “PUP songs you’ve heard before and not-PUP songs you haven’t heard before”. 

To preorder the book, click here. $1 from every Rupert Reaper book sale will go to Youth Mental Health Canada, and the stream will be raising money for the ACLU. All books will ship November 5th in order to not overload the USPS during the election.