Public Squares to save humanity with From Up There

Public Squares are three humans from Cleveland, Ohio (Earth) who serve as vessels for inter-dimensional travelers who have come to your time on this planet to save humanity from itself. Their latest missive, From Up There, is set for release on December 6, 2019, via Roofless Records.
The band delivers heavy new wave, or post-punk if you prefer, with punk ethos, psychedelic layers, and big hooks.  Exciting and theatric live shows with DIY lighting, other-worldly soundscapes between songs and raw rock and roll ferocity stun crowds on the regular, reminding them of early Devo, or even The Misfits, without ripping off either. In short, Public Squares have come to save all humans. Let them. Be saved.
From Up There is the soundtrack to a movie that exists outside of this dimension, and the listener is the main character. Songs are intertwined with clips from the movie, showcasing the film’s cast which includes professional voice actor Ralph Gunderman, punk legend Bill Stevenson (Descendents, ALL, Black Flag, etc.), Annie Hardy (Giant Drag), Tony Erba (Face Value, 9 Shocks Terror, H100’s, etc.) and more.  Available along with the record will be a limited run of trading cards, one for each character, drawn by Jake Kelly (example below).

The songs were recorded and produced by main songwriter, drummer/singer Brandon M. Abate, who performs under the guidance of Thuck Apton.  The record wraps up with a new recording of the previously released “There Have Been Rumors,” which was mastered at the famous Abbey Road Studios.
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