Pray For Sound release deluxe version of Dreamer via I Am Shark

Pray For Sound’s Dreamer (Deluxe Version) is now packed in with alternate artwork and a 20+ minute commentary as the band takes you through the process of writing and recording this well received full-length.
Edited with isolated stem tracks and album excerpts, these additions open up the entire process of constructing this album. With Dreamer, Pray for Sound took an ambitious approach by experimenting with more synth and keyboard sounds, as well as working with additional musicians to add vocals, violin, and viola. With influences all over the map, and each track representing a different dream state, Pray for Sound created an eclectic set of songs that express a roller coaster of emotions.
Mixing done by band members Chris LaRocque and Steve Aliperta and mastering by Nick Zampiello (Caspian, Pelican) at New Alliance East, Dreamer is a melodic journey that all fans of music will enjoy. Pre-orders are live now and orders began shipping on May 5 via I Am Shark (US) and Dunk! Records (EU).
Listen to ‘Decayer’ on Soundcloud
For Fans Of: Mogwai, Baroness, Explosions In The Sky, ISIS